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Expert AV Installation Services in New Jersey



Turn your home into a laid-back haven of entertainment.

Audio \ Video Installation

  • Structured Wiring/Home Networking 

  • Multi-Room Audio/Video

  • Outdoor Entertainment 

  • Complete Home Theater Setups

  • TV Mountings

  • Speaker Installation 

  • PreWires

  • Lighting Control

  • Home Automation

  • TV Repair 

  • And More



Why You Can Trust Us

At Two Smart Techs, trust is not just earned; it's built on a solid foundation of over 20 years of collective expertise. Our seasoned technicians bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that your technological needs are not just met but exceeded. What sets us apart is not only our technical prowess but also our commitment to diversity. In a male-dominated field, we proudly feature the skills and innovation of our exceptional female technicians, breaking barriers and bringing a unique perspective to every project. With Two Smart Techs, you can trust in our experience, reliability, and our dedication to inclusivity in the world of technology.

empty-chairs-in-luxury-movie-theater-2023-11-27-05-33-55-utc (1).jpg
So I just experienced the most amazing patient Installation set up for my home theater system. Not only did they fix everything [including] the wire speakers in my wall, but they ran everything into the basement to a Bluetooth setting. They also fixed some settings on my computer upstairs to get my TV connected to the HDMI correctly. Bya even hooked up the soundboard of my master bedroom and she was awesome! Bya, we appreciate your amazing job. Can’t wait to set up my Movie Theater in the basement!!


Book an appointment now and let our seasoned professionals transform your technology needs into seamless, cutting-edge solutions in your home.

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